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How can collective consciousness and awareness empower us to navigate complex global systems? And are there symbolic "spells" woven into the fabric of society that dictate our reality? James, a meticulous researcher specializing in WHO operations and health landscapes, brings unparalleled insights into the organization's actions and agenda. This is a thought-provoking conversation between Dennis and the diligent and unparallel, researcher James Roguski. They explore the intricate web of the World Health Organization (WHO) and beyond. Are entities like the WHO truly champions of humanity, or do they harbor ulterior motives veiled under the guise of public health? In this candid discussion, they navigate through critical questions surrounding the WHO's role in global affairs, dissecting whether their intentions align with the greater good or serve as tools for control by the elite. From dissecting policies to scrutinizing global health strategies, James has left no stone unturned in our quest for truth. But it's not just about uncovering the shadows; they also explore actionable steps towards manifesting positive change. It's time to reclaim our sovereignty and forge a path towards a healthier, more conscious world.

James Roguski, The Global Agenda and how we can Thrive. The WHO, Health. Reality and Manifestation.

Epic conversation with the amazing Yummy Doctor, Amandah Vollmer. We explore what is happening in the world at present and discuss many nuances around health. Amandah challenged many of my beliefs a number of years ago but has been vindicated time and time again. I suggest you pay attention to her information. At the very least you will enjoy listening to such an engaging soul and at best you will find deep wisdom in listening to her journey and her advice. A great segment about discharging debts and knowing your standing in the middle of the discussion.

Discharging debts, facing darkness, destiny and more. The quirky and brilliant Dr. Amandah Vollmer.

Tom Barnett, co-founder of the Living Free Movement gives his insights on Masculinity, recognition of choices and Manifesting your Ideal Life. A long time holistic health practitioner and truth warrior, Tom embodies living free having overcome chronic illness after being an elite athlete. He now shares the secrets to Living Free with me in this enlightening conversation. For people who are struggling in this crazy world right now, there are some great tips to break free from the slave system and restore happiness and abundance.

Tom Barnett of Living Free on Masculinity, recognition of choices and Manifesting your Ideal Life.