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man wearing green polo shirt
man wearing green polo shirt

Business CEO

"My most valued source of information" I have know Dennis for three years now and have found him to be one of the most knowledgeable and experienced people in the world regarding natural health and cures. He also has an extraordinary knowledge of the research and history of medicines and their variable effects on the human race. He is my my most valued source of all medical and natural health remedies and cures. ~ Neville ~

man in brown and white plaid button up shirt standing on brown rock during daytime
man in brown and white plaid button up shirt standing on brown rock during daytime


I no longer need ADHD medication I didn’t have ADHD

I am delighted to provide a testimonial for Dennis of Awakening in Health. I had the pleasure of meeting Dennis at a health fair where I asked for his opinion on an ADHD stimulant. To my surprise, Dennis provided a thorough, candid response that emphasised the dangers of stimulants rather than simply recommending an alternative. Impressed by his expertise and approach, I booked a session with Dennis. In just 90 minutes, he was able to connect the dots of my health journey, providing invaluable insight and actionable steps to improve my health. Since then, I haven't needed to rely on prescribed medication or even vitamins and I've started exercising again. I haven't worn sunglasses since the session either. I took a photo of the whiteboard from our session, which I refer to often to ensure that I am on the best path towards proper health. Following the decisions I made after that session with Dennis I have also saved a lot of money. Dennis, I have also saved a lot of money. Dennis impressed me with his exceptional objection handling skills and wealth of knowledge. He provided me with a comprehensive approach that allowed me to confidently make informed decisions about my health. I am now moving in a direction where I cannot imagine ever taking medication again or seeing a doctor (unless in an emergency situation). I highly recommend Dennis to anyone seeking to take responsibility for their health and thus optimise their health and gain independence from the mainstream medical system. Sincerely, daithi o'leighan

man in black t-shirt and brown pants sitting on rock during daytime
man in black t-shirt and brown pants sitting on rock during daytime

Depression and Bipolar

"A decade on, I'm a happy married man"

At the age of 24, I found myself at a cross roads in life. I was directionless having no career and on the other side of the country to my family. I was living in the spare room of someone's house, working odd jobs (mostly night shifts), with no friends, no girlfriend and NO money. Needless to say I felt "depressed". So I did what I thought I was supposed to do, I sought counselling. After a 15 minute conversation I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and put on several types of medication. One year on, through random change I met Dennis and we formed a bond and in time I felt confident enough to confide in him my "medical condition". Dennis was infuriated that I had been diagnosed as bipolar and with his help I weened my self off the medication. A decade on, I'm a happy married man, father of two successful businessman and best of all NOT on man, father of two successful businessman and best of all NOT on medication, NOT depressed, and clearly NOT bipolar. THANK YOU DENNIS, I owe you more than this message can detail. ~ Mat McGregor, Victoria ~

“It has allowed me to reintroduce a lot of principles”

I enjoyed working with Dennis. I find his enthusiasm and commitment to providing the best services to the client available, INSPIRATIONAL. His manner invokes motivation and enjoyment. There have been many reports from clients and their families about the exceptional work he has done over the years. Your mentorship has allowed me to reintroduce a lot of principles I had neglected to include in my practice for some time. These include education, options and being an advocate for our patients to protect them always when in our care. To help achieve their full potential. ~ Name Withheld ~

“Highly valuable with his knowledge”

Dennis is always educating myself and the wider team with the latest evidence based research around holistic Mental Health interventions. He is a much valued colleague whom I have found supportive and highly valuable with his knowledge, passion and experience. ~ Name Withheld ~

“Transformative and Practical Information”

Usually the typical band-aid solution is to prescribe different antidepressants or anti-psychotic drugs & send on her way. This all changed recently. Susie was very depressed not eating & having suicide thoughts. Another trip to mental health and this time an appointment with Dennis. For the very first time we heard information that was informative & practical. Dennis created a plan involving quitting cigarettes, exercise & healthy eating. It was a light bulb moment. Dennis is highly intelligent, passionate & has the ability to tap into something that is not to be brushed aside. For the first time Susie walked out of mental health without a prescription. She went to the gym the following day. She has returned to work & putting her new plan into place. I write this with wholehearted gratitude. Most importantly a huge THANK YOU to you Dennis. ~ Mother of suicidal client